Summit Wine Tastings is a Chicago-based promotions and events company that conducts high-impact wine and spirits tastings–ones that reach as many customers as possible and that generate above average sales results. We understand that consumers have hundreds of choices when they are making wine or liquor purchases. Since about 30% of wine sales in grocery stores are impulse buys, we believe that the “try before you buy” approach is the most effective way to build brand awareness and drive sales. Summit Wine Tastings tracks its customer conversion rates at each tasting–our conversions range from 34% to 40% depending on the products being featured. We consistently achieve these high numbers because we are committed to two goals at all events: introducing your brands to as many customers as possible and making the sale. Summit’s team members are enthusiastic, outgoing, and knowledgeable sales people who know how to share your product’s attributes, make a connection with the customer, and then make the sale. Summit Wine Tastings was founded in 2010 by Eric Henry who has over 25 years of experience in the fields of education, advertising, recruiting, sales, and marketing. Summit’s mission is to conduct the highest quality wine and spirits promotional events that exceed our clients’ expectations.