Summit Wine Tastings Pricing

Several days prior to each event, your sales representative receives tasting notes on all of the products being featured at the tasting, so the person presenting your product knows relevant information and key selling points of your brand. On the day of the event, your sales representative arrives early and sets up the table in an attractive manner. During the tasting, he or she enthusiastically invites every shopper who is nearby to sample your products. Our sales people ask simple, friendly questions like, “What kind of wine do you enjoy the most?” We then engage with that customer to find out which of your products they enjoyed the most and once we know that, we simply ask for the sale. Soon after each weekend’s tastings, Summit provides you with numerical and anecdotal recaps for each event.

Affordable Pricing

Summit charges $42 per hour for all events. Our clients provide us with a list of stores and preferred dates and times along with tech sheets, key selling points, brand overviews, and any other pertinent sales tools. Limit of 5 products to be tasted.


Client Hosted Training Fee:  $25 per hour per attendee

Once a client has a schedule in place, and once Summit has staffed the events, you have the option to conduct a training with your wines or spirits for the people who will be conducting your tastings.  Pizza or light appetizers are additional.

These prices are effective as of August 1, 2017 and are subject to change with prior notice.

For more information, please contact Eric Henry at