Summit Builds Brands

Sharing each brand’s unique story is what we do best. Providing more than just ‘product information,' our team views each interaction as an opportunity to bring joy to someone’s table. Sharing the passion you have for your product is what we’re all about, and telling that story with enthusiasm and zest helps ensure a customer’s interest is piqued. Several days prior to each event, our knowledgeable tasting representatives educate themselves on each brand's distinct flavor and aroma profiles. They study tasting notes, key selling points, and brand overviews. The day of your event, our tasting representatives set up in a high traffic area using all available point of sales materials. Through the course of the tasting, we invite every shopper within close proximity to come over and experience your products. Our tasting representatives ask simple, friendly questions such as, “What kind of wine do you normally enjoy drinking?” or “Have you ever heard of this brand?” And so begins our friendly conversation. When we’ve earned the shopper's trust, we bring the sale home by educating the customer on taste, textures, pairings, and more. Once we determine they’re interested, we simply close the sale. In the week following a round of tastings, we provide you with detailed recaps of each individual tasting. In short, our unique approach to consumer education continues as we recount our insights and leverage those findings for the next round of tastings. We guarantee that our passion and knowledge translate to success — every single time.

Affordable Pricing

Summit charges $50 per hour for all events. Our clients provide us with a list of stores and preferred dates and times along with tech sheets, key selling points, brand overviews, and any other pertinent sales tools. Limit of 5 products to be tasted.

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These prices are effective as of August 1, 2017 and are subject to change without prior notice. For more information, please contact Eric Henry at