Loyal, Lifelong Customers

At Summit, we continuously strive to get your product into the homes of as many shoppers as possible, turning them into faithful, lifelong customers. We wholly comprehend that once a customer has that unforgettable experience with their families and friends — centered around your product — name and brand recognition will reach new highs. If we are unable to convert a customer on-the-spot, we encourage them to snap pictures of your labels for a future in-store purchase.

About Our Founder

Eric Henry is a Certified Specialist of Wine who draws upon over twenty years of teaching, advertising, and management experience. As a result, Eric sees many parallels between education and marketing. For instance, all successful teachers and marketers break through the clutter and make connections with their audience. In the wine aisle, this means providing a friendly, relaxing wine experience that informs and delights shoppers. Eric's unique career path has enabled him to develop an approach to wine tastings that educates and delights the consumer, resulting in consistently strong sales for our customers' brands. small-facebook-icon


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