"With all the companies across the United States vying for our marketing budget, Summit Wine Tastings has proven to be the most effective partner we have found. The sincere and true intentions of its founder, Eric Henry, are transparent as he strives on a weekly basis to present the most strategic opportunities to build our brand. Comprehensive notes from each tasting experience along with solid and meaningful reports demonstrate that Summit Wine Tastings is a clear leader in this field. We highly recommend Eric and his team of industry professionals! Opolo!" Jeff Faber
National Sales Manager, Opolo Vineyards, Paso Robles, CA
"As a small wine company, we were doing all of our own tastings and were worried that we weren’t big enough yet to use a tasting service mostly concerned about costs. After hiring Summit, we were able to expand our business quickly to a much more diverse crowd all over the city and suburbs. What I like most about Summit Wine Tastings is the wine knowledge that all of the tasters are required to have, it’s easy (Everything is taken care of for us), relatively affordable to other tasting companies, and I get quick answers to concerns direct from the owner of the company. I highly recommend Eric Henry and his team of wine tasting pros. You guys do a great job!" Ryan Gillian
Illinois Brand Manager 90+ Cellars
"There are several obstacles that would have prevented me from ever using a tasting company: price, dependability, and results (or lack thereof). I found that Summit’s service was very dependable, and measurable results were delivered. I like the recaps that provide the conversion rate from products tasted vs sales. As an owner, it leads me to very important information regarding what works (or doesn’t) for a given account. Allowing me to service my accounts better with the right products. Summit’s results are better than other tasting companies, and Eric is easy to work with, honest, dependable, and is passionate about growing his business by being the best. Summit is a great company to work with and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a tasting company to depend on to get the job done right and build brands the right way." Matt Helms
President & Owner, Haus Wine & Spirits, Chicago, IL
"We are a small California winery so I was concerned about the cost and if the tasting representatives would be knowledgeable. Summit focuses on training, training, training. Eric charges a fair price for his services and offers volume discounts. I truly enjoy the detailed recaps of all tastings, their dependability, cost efficiency, and their professional tasters. I would recommend Summit to other wineries for its good service, good follow up and a truly professional company to deal with! Summit Wine Tastings has become a great business partner for Brassfield."